Michael Wilson

Vice President



Having worked in several facets of retailing over his career, Michael A. Wilson brings a wealth of retail experience to his brokerage work. Mike learned about retailing as a junior level manager with Safeway during his college years. He later learned sales during his tenure with Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. Mike also sold store fixtures to retailers such as BizMart, CompUSA, Computer City and JC Penney. As a result of his background, Mike tries to see the real estate process from an operator’s point of view. He enjoys understanding all of the “why” issues that affect a retailer’s success at a specific location.

As tenants, Carter BloodCare and Dental Republic rely on Mike to represent them in their leasing transactions. His business has grown to include medical real estate work as more professionals transition into retail space. These operators often require specific needs beyond those of typical retailers.

Michael is an Honor Roll graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington and has held many offices in Big-D Toastmasters over the years. When not working, Michael enjoys golf, sailing and going to movies with his wife, Tracy. They are both heavily involved in the activities of their two children, Barkley and Sophia.



Book: Pillars of the Earth

Movies: High Noon, Gran Torino

Quote: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Hobbies: Sailing and dreaming about muscle cars.