Colin Beams

Senior Vice President




Tenant Representation. Urban Renewal and Redevelopment. Sales and Land Development.

Colin’s real estate story begins in 2012, leasing 42 Real Estate’s redevelopment of Dallas’ largest urban ‘character’ neighborhood, Deep Ellum. To date, Colin has completed over 60 transactions in Deep Ellum, most notably with Pecan Lodge and Mark Cuban.

Presently Colin represents a crop of bold and exciting Tenants including Zalat Pizza, Sova Hotels, Sweet Tooth Hotel (not actually a hotel, google search and feast your eyes on the delights of the STH) and Oso Climbing Gyms.

Colin enjoys the dynamic nature of real estate and the stewardship tasked of him as a broker. Colin is happily married, living with his wife and fur babies in Dallas, TX. He is also a musician and operates a recording studio (by the grace of his aforementioned wife) with his partner, Nik Lee of the Texas Gentlemen.



Music: Anything that isn’t derivative or boring. I like a lot of the stuff my old man showed me, except for the phase of atrocious late 80s, 90s stuff he got into (what happened, dad??)

Historical Figures: Jesus, Leo Fender and Bob Moog, the folks who invented soap, antibiotics, and HVAC

Family Member: I’ll never tell…