Tenant Representation

The Venture tenant rep team is led by knowledgeable experts in the DFW marketplace who have a goal of exceeding expectations for each client they represent. Whether your first location or your one thousandth, Venture's team is there to execute your vision for success.


At Venture Commercial, we have a proven process for tenant site selection.  We realize finding the right location means finding the right customers. Our process evaluates each client's individual needs and combines market analytics, location, and customer profiles to produce the right location for you.


While representing our clients, we walk the walk. We know our market inside and out and really care about the success of each concept. Venture serves as an extension of the real estate department for many mid-size to large retailers, providing a team approach to meet each client's individual needs. Venture provides full-service marketing, planning, expansion, and strategic growth strategies for each client we represent.


In 2011, the Venture tenant rep team completed over 136 in transactions for over 59 clients.  Some of our clients include Starbucks, Dave & Buster's, and Freebirds World Burrito.


Count on Venture to position you and your company for success.


We do much more than find great locations
We position you for success