Research & Graphics

Our on-site Graphics Department, research personnel, and state of the art technology allow us to obtain in-depth information to analyze our client's market and target specific consumers.  Venture's top-of-the-line, high resolution printers supply quality aerial photography and maps that provide our clients with a clear understanding of the retail site.

Aerial Photography

  • Provides a clear and geographical understanding of the prospective retail site
  • Shows future development information
  • Identifies other major tenants and competition
  • Provides traffic counts for the intersections concerning our clients

Oblique Aerials

  • Up-to-date photography at a "bird's-eye" view
  • North, South, East, and West angles available
  • Wide stock of aerials available or custom obliques can be flown for up-to-date visuals

Market Optimization

Hot Spot Maps

Ranks market areas based on:

- Demographics
- Separation
- Voids

Competition Maps

  • Identify competitors
  • Specify competition's precise locations
  • Target ideal areas for our clients
  • Identify relevant streets and intersections
  • Market strategy maps available

Demographic Maps

Visually represents:

- Household income
- Population
- Household size
- Average/Median age
- Education levels
- Dot density coverage

Void Analysis Reports

Reveals retail components apart from a given area