Steve Church

Senior Vice President

As a Senior Vice President with Venture Commercial, Steve Church specializes in land sales, with a specific focus on multifamily and mixed-use developments. With over 30 years of multifamily sales, acquisitions and brokerage experience, Steve brings a multifamily “lens” to the Venture Land Division.

Steve started his real estate career at CBRE in 1982 specializing in multifamily brokerage. In 1988, Steve joined Dallas based-developer FirstWorthing as their Senior Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions. Initially, Steve’s focus was working with lenders to resolve challenged multifamily development loans during the Texas real estate crash. Subsequently, during a 16-year stint with FirstWorthing and related entities, Steve was intimately involved in the acquisition and sale of company-owned assets and handled all aspects of the transaction process including sourcing, marketing, contract negotiations, due diligence, re-negotiations and closings. In addition, Steve was active in the brokerage of third party assets for other developers.

Eventually, Steve took charge of the Western Region for Student Housing in which he was responsible for the acquisition, development and asset management of student housing communities located in California, Arizona, Colorado and Texas. Over a couple of years, he grew the portfolio to 10 properties with 2,215 units and 4,757 beds at six universities. Additional responsibilities during this juncture included managing the design and installation of Ethernet networks while continuing third party brokerage for several long-term clients.



Book: Illusions by Richard Bach

Movie: Lawrence of Arabia

Quote: “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” – Arthur Carlson – WKRP in Cincinnati

Sports Team: U.S. Postal Cycling Team